Sree digitals manufacture a wide range of name Badges for the staff. Name badges may be availed in numerous sizes, shades and designs as per the requirements of our clients at low cost. Staff Badges can be used as identification playing cards and it include person name, company logo and other details. Badges and nametags are the extension of your staff uniform. Whether that uniform is suitable to the your staff at hotels, bars, offices, banks, ATM machines, police stations, railway stations to identify the person easily. Due to the fact all of our name badges are custom printed, we are able to add graphics, images and logos together with staff names.

We will manufacture Staff Badges with magnetic backs to avoid damage to paper, clothes and plastic, we place a plastic cover, or built to hang around your neck with a lanyard. Sree digitals use high quality printing process with color restrictions in a CMYK format on a thick and robust plastic. We overlay a clean plastic coating for your badges to defend the print from everyday wear.